Sunday, October 23, 2011

30 Weeks...nesting has set in!

Here I am at 30 weeks preggo! We had Dan's mom at our house so Dan had to sneak in for a picture.

I have felt so great this past week. Sometimes I really do forget I'm pregnant and then I look in the mirror and I'm quickly reminded that I have a growing belly with a baby human inside.

I had to explain to Dan what nesting meant to kind of explain my madness. I have just felt the need to get the nursery organized lately. It is very overwhelming to have to much stuff everywhere. Dan and I are pretty clean/organized people and we like everything to be in its place so having tons of baby stuff everywhere is driving us crazy and we have to get it put away. Where do people store all of this stuff? I am out of town this week so project organize nursery will take place SOON! It's all so much fun though :)

Reality is setting in that we will be parents soon. I'm full term in 7 weeks and that time will be here before we know it. Who knows if she will be here around then, but we will be ready her. We are taking a couple of classes at the hospital coming up so hopefully that will prepare us more. Babies come with a book of directions right? Dan and I are so excited to meet our little girl and we can't wait to have her in our arms. I can't imagine the feeling of holding her for the first time. I get to feel her move and kick all the time but Dan only has a glimpse of our growing baby. He's going to be an amazing Daddy and our daughter will steal his heart.

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