Monday, May 2, 2011

I heart Italy.

Almost two weeks ago we got back from our amazing vacation. 11 days ways was the perfect length for a vacation overseas. We spent 7 nights in Sorrento, a small town outside of Rome. The remaining 3 we spent in Rome (that post will come later). Sorrento was by far our favorite town so far in Italy. Sorrento is where the limoncello was created. There were lemons everywhere and they were HUGE!
Please excuse the blurry pic of my hubby.

The weather was perfect the entire trip. 70 degrees and cool. Only one day it rained a little. From Sorrento we could take day trips. We went to Capri one day which was only a ferry ride away. We were able to take a gondola ride all the way to the top of the mountain which made for beautiful pictures.

Another day we went to Pompeii. I am glad that we saw Pompeii, but I probably wouldn't go back. Our tour guide was great, but his English was terrible. It was amazing to see a town that was so old.

Our last day we went to the Amalfi coast to a town called Positano. This was a cute little town along the Mediterranian Sea. The bus ride was very interesting. I highly recommend looking straight ahead and not looking down. The drivers know what they are doing and do it all the time. To give you an idea, the ride was along a windy road up a mountain. And the bus drove at least 50 mph. The bus dropped us up at the top of the mountain and we walked through the town until we got to the beach at the bottom. Another beautiful picture place.

I'll have to do another post on our time in Rome. We took over 800 pictures so these hardly even show all the fun we had! We had wine, pasta and pizza everyday and slept a ton. Truly a wonderful vacation!!