Saturday, December 11, 2010

How you know you are married.

Last week Dan and I were at Best Buy doing some Christmas shopping. On our way to stand in line to check out we passed the home appliance section and I quickly made a detour to look at a new refrigerator that I'm dying for. I want the one with the double doors and the freezer on the bottom. I want a fridge that I can fit an large casserole dish in. One like this:

So Dan and I were looking at all the refrigerators seeing all the new features talking how how cool it would be to have one of these awesome refrigerators. Dan all of a sudden says "Oh my gosh, we are so married we have to get out of here." I laughed out loud and agreed so we left. That my friends is how us married couples spend our nights. Talking about appliances and getting as giddy as we did at our childhood birthdays.

Wouldn't it be great to have one of these though?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas from Dan & Emily!

I know I keep saying this, but I can't believe that 2010 is almost over! What a great year this has been! We have the greatest family and friends that make everyday special. Here is a little summary of the year so far:

This year has been full of trips! We were able to visit Seattle again in the Spring with our friends Adrienne and Glenn. Dan and I LOVE Seattle and would go there every year if we could. We also went to Cabo with our friends Jamie and Dana for the 4th of July. Our big trip this year was a Baltic Cruise to Copenhagen, Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Finland. Dan's company has a sales incentive every year that is always a trip. Dan has worked his tail off and made the trip the past two years. I am so proud of him and his hard work! Dan started selling for ADP almost 3 years ago and has loved it. We have met the greatest people from there who have turned into our really close friends. Dan turned 30 this year and we had a big birthday bash to celebrate. I'll have to do another post on the party.

I am still with Edward Don selling toilet paper. Not really just toilet paper, I sell everything but food for restaurants, but it's simpler to say I sell toilet paper. It's a great job and I have been there almost 5 years! I can't believe it! This year I also launched an online boutique called Picked Lily with my friend Sarah. Sarah and Dan went to high school together and we have been great friends since Dan and I met. Pickled Lily is so fun and I'm loving every second of it. It never fees like work. Our friends and family have been huge supporters so thank you!!

Overall, 2010 has been AWESOME! We worked hard and played hard and loved every part of it. We have been enjoying being home for a while and don't plan to travel until the Spring when we go to Italy again. Life is good and I am thankful for everyone in our lives.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Dan, Emily, Dylan and Bella

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Big 3-0!

My sweet husband turned 30 last week! Here he is with his birthday invitation :)
His birthday was 2 days before Thanksgiving so we had a low key birthday with family and of course cookie cake. If my husband had to choose a food to live on it would be a close call between cookies and cream ice cream (is HAS to be Blue Bell), cookie cake and salsa. Just a little background on me and my guy, on our first date he told me that if a girl wanted to marry him all she had to do was give him salsa. So, beginning then for every birthday/holiday he gets salsa :) It obviously worked!

For Dan's birthday I got him a new briefcase (with salsa inside) and basketball tickets to the Rockets/Mavericks game. I didn't take any pictures at the game but we had a great time. Dan grew up watching the Rockets and I knew he would love to see them play again. This weekend is the big bash to celebrate Dan's 30th! It should be a good time!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


We picked up our Dylan yesterday morning. With some at home physical therapy and lots of TLC the doctor is sure he will walk again. Until then we will be giving him massages three times a day and walking him with a sling. The things we do for the ones we love. He's happy and wagging his tail and we are happy to have our little guy home!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes being a grown up sucks.......

I don't know if I have ever been so happy for a week to be almost over. It always seems like just when you think you have it all together something happens. For all of you that know Dan and I you know that we are obsessed with our pups. We have Bella, a 7 year old Dachshund and Dylan, a 3 year old terrier mix. We aren't sure what he is, but he is super cute. Dan and I adopted him almost 3 years ago from a rescue group and nursed him back to health from a really bad case of mange. Our dogs are our babies for now and we love having them in our lives.
On Tuesday night Dylan and Bella ran out to the driveway to greet me home from work. Dylan yelped in pain and started limping. He is a very active dog and isn't a complainer. He limped for a minute and then went back to normal. He tried to jump on the bed a few minutes later and screamed and fell. Hearing a dog scream is one of the worst sounds ever. He started limping again and didn't stop. We decided that maybe he had pulled a muscle and that we would see how he did during the night and see how he was in the morning. Wednesday morning Dylan could no longer walk. It was so sad. He would just drag his feet behind him and not even try to stand. When we would try to stand him up and his back legs would fold under. I took him to the vet who sent us to a specialist immediately. I didn't even know they had neurologists for dogs!
After a few hours the diagnosis was that he probably had a slipped disc in his back but they wouldn't know for sure until a MRI was done. We don't have pet insurance. We love love love our dog. We chose to do the pricey MRI and the surgery. It turned out to be the slipped disc and it wasn't too late to do the surgery. Dylan will be able to walk again and recover to his normal self. People might think we are crazy for spending money on our dog, but we love him so much and he brings us so much joy everyday. One day when we have kiddos they will have two puppies to play with. Needless to say, it has been an emotional week for our little family.
Yay for only a half week of work next week and Thanksgiving with the family (and Dylan when he get out of the doggie hospital)!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happenings Lately

Where has 2010 gone?! Every year we get to the Fall and I think about how fast the year has gone. I'm loving the cooler weather and the Fall decorations. I'm already antsy for December 1 so I can pull out all my Christmas stuff. I love this time of year!

We are staying home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year which will be so nice. We have been out of town so much lately I'm looking forward to having some time at home. A special tall guy is turning the big 3-0 this month so I'm getting ready for that!

Lately I have been super busy with my normal job and Pickled Lily. Pickled Lily doesn't feel like work because I have such a blast doing it. Have you all seen the handmade onesies on our website? The handmade part is by yours truly (plus my mom's help). I have had so much fun coming up with new designs and finding new fabric. The best part is that we keep selling out of them! I have definitely turned into my mom, which is not a bad thing :) She used to make all of our clothes growing up and I am starting to appreciate all of her work. I have always loved clothes and growing up I would find a dress that I loved at a store and she would make me the EXACT same dress.
I'll try to post more this month! In the meantime, check out Pickled Lily and find us on Facebook!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Role Models

I wanted to follow up my last blog about things I am passionate about with a couple of other topics I am passionate about.

If you follow baseball you may have seen this guy a lot more lately because of the Texas Rangers. Although I'm a Houston Astros fan I couldn't be happier for the Rangers. If you ask most guys who grew up in Texas in the 80's and 90's who their role model is, a large percentage would pick Nolan Ryan. How many of you collected baseball cards like me and had a stack of regular cards, cards worth something (like the Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Card), and then a special collection just for Nolan Ryan? I can remember crying when I was six when the 'Stros lost in '86 to the Mets in a great series. Side note: There have been a lot of bad moments in Astros history, but I still love them. And of course who can forget Robin Venture trying to rush the mound and getting beat up?!?!? I must have seen that picture on about 500 walls while I was in college, including mine.

There are so many role models out there that consistently let us down by getting in trouble with the law, taking steriods, or in the case of Tiger Woods... To this day Nolan Ryan has been nothing short of a class act with a great Texas accent and several pitching records that will not be broken for some time. I enjoyed watching him play for so many years growing up in Houston and I hope his team wins the World Series this year. My dream is for the Stros to play the Rangers in the World Series, and of course the Stros win in 7!

Speaking of role models I was in Nashville last weekend visiting my Grandma on my Mom's side and 1st cousins on my Dad's side. My Grandma is not doing too well but she was still so sweet and nice to visit with, I hope she gets to feeling better soon. After visiting her during the day I went to my cousin Celeste's house for a pig roast, homemade beer, and a chance to see a lot of the family. We had a great time and I wanted to put up a couple of pictures of my cousins, their kids, and my Mom.

I visited my Grandpa's grave site which was an emotional experience to say the least, and it got me thinking about both Grandpa's of mine that have since passed. We throw around the phrase role model or hero pretty often in sports, and I know I'm the first to admit that I forget who the real heroes are. My Grandpa (in Tennessee as we called him) was a Korean War veteran and served in the Army for over 20 years in various roles. My Grandpa (in Houston as we called him) served in the Navy during World War II on the USS Mississippi and fought in one of the largest and probably last naval battles ever, the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Seeing thousands of grave stones this weekend, all who served in the military, was truly a life changing event. I'd love to go to Normandy one day, I'm sure that is an emotional experience. If you haven't thanked a veteran recently please do so, they sacrificed for the freedom we all enjoy every day.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

California Girls (and a Guy)

This past weekend Rebecca and I traveled to San Francisco for a long weekend to see Kade before he leaves for his Thailand adventure. I love to travel, but am not the best planner, so luckily I had travel agent Rebecca to lead the way. Rebecca was so organized and had done tons of research so we didn't have to miss out on anything. Kade also brought his friend Foster to hang out for the weekend. Between Foster (who grew up in San Francisco) and Rebecca, we never got lost. We went to Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown to get eggrolls, and did lots of shopping and sight seeing. My legs are still sore from walking up and down all the hills! We had rented a flat off of VRBO, which I highly recommend for anyone who travels. We had the cutest 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen for $140 a night! It was a few blocks from Alamo Square which has the famous "Painted Ladies".

I'm so excited for Kade to experience Thailand. I am going to miss talking to him everyday but I know he is going to have an amazing time. I just hope he comes back!

My mom is always telling me to put sunscreen on, but I think if I wore this hat everyday I wouldn't need to!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Here is a summary of what we did on this awesome 3 day weekend:
1) Drove to Houston to see our friends Martin, April, and baby Henry.
Henry is such a good baby and tolerated April and I shopping for hours on Saturday. Here is a picture of Henry when I was holding him trying to make him smile and laugh. (I obviously rock at doing this because he is smiling in the picture)

I feel that I have a lot of experience with babies but it was very apparent that I do not have enough when while trying to make Henry laugh by holding him above my head, I didn't think to myself "Henry probably just ate and I shouldn't be bouncing him around..." Moments after this picture was taken, Henry while in the air laughing proceeded to toss his breakfast all over me....all in my hair, down my neck and all over my shirt. Then he started smiling again. I obviously need to have common sense when it comes to babies from now on. No, I didn't get a picture of the aftermath, but I'm sure you can picture how I looked.

How cute is Henry sucking his thumb?

Martin and April also took us to this awesome coffee place where they put designs in your coffee.

2) Pickled Lily.

Sarah and I spent a lot of time on the phone this weekend picking out new merchandise for Pickled Lily. I have mentioned that I own a maternity and baby boutique called Pickled Lily right? We have super cute stuff and I am so excited about some new merchandise we have ordered. We are also offering a 20% discount until September 15! code: 20OFF

Also, if you are pregnant or have a child under 24 mo (right now our baby clothes only go up to 24 mo), and you haven't seen anything you would purchase off of Pickled Lily, what would you like to see? We are always open to suggestions!

3) BBQ at the house with family and friends.

I always say how Dan and I tend to do too much, but who doesn't love hanging out with friends on a beautiful day? Monday we spent the day working in the flower beds (much needed!), grocery shopping and cooking. One of my favorite things to do, besides hanging out with Dan, traveling and yoga is cook! We try to cook every night of the week and I normally get recipes off of Chocolate Broccoli or out of Cooking Light. If you haven't checked out either of those, you need to! I try to cook pretty healthy, but it is a holiday, so I threw in some Pioneer Woman recipes into today's spread. Not that all of her recipes are unhealthy, but they just normally call for more butter than I normally use :)

We had a great time playing on our new Cornhole boards made by Jordan, eating food and just hanging out enjoying our day off from work. Rebecca brought Chase and Dan had a blast playing with him.

Overall, we had a great weekend and are sad it's over. Yay for a 4 day work week!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blue Bell & Texas Stereotypes...Y'all

9/2/10 - This is the day that Emily allowed me to post on our blog, which is a day she might regret. Since this might be my only blog post ever I wanted to make it count with two things I am very passionate about.
  1. Blue Bell Ice Cream - If you find yourself standing in front of Dreyer's, Bryer's, Ben & Jerry's, etc. at the store, you are obviously either a.) Not in or from Texas b.) Cannot spell or see 3.) Have not experienced the greatness that is Blue Bell.
  2. Texas Stereotypes - We have one TV, and surprise, Emily enjoys watching Lifetime. Emily is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my soulmate, so naturally I have to spend my entire day stalking her and hanging out with her. This also requires that I trade nights of watching sports and Man vs. Food (a show I am very passionate about, thanks Martin) for Suburban Sally. Suburban Sally is my poor attempt of making fun of a Lifetime movie that goes something like this: Sally is a beautiful brunette with a great husband and two great kids with a perfect lawn, house, wood floors, and no mortgage payment. One day Sally finds out that her son's female teacher has a crush on her husband, however, the husband is actually cheating on his wife with another teacher, and his son's teacher is jealous. The husband ends up dying in a fiery crash and the wife ends up with her son's teacher in a lesbian twist. Does this not sound like a Lifetime movie? I digress. My point is tonight on Lifetime there was a movie that started out with Police Officers in the middle of Houston who all had on cowboy hats, everyone had a huge accent, there were mountains in the background, and it looked like a desert around them. We'll come back to this.

Blue Bell Ice Cream is needed after at least one meal a week. Why you ask? Let me answer my question with another question. After you work out and you are sore, don't you ice your body to keep the swelling down? After you exercise your stomach and eat a big meal you should ice down your stomach, it's just common sense to keep from stomach swelling.

I have to finish up now because my wife says I get a 'creepy smile' when I start discussing Blue Bell, but I did want to provide some value to our viewers. Cookies and Cream is my favorite Blue Bell Ice Cream and my favorite dessert of all time, if you have not tried it, you should. It is especially good when you get a container that has a lot of big cookies in it, it's like a great surprise. Several weeks ago I came across a new flavor, 'Vanilla Cookies and Cream'. I suggest after your next workout that you try it out.

Texas Stereotypes: For all of you non-Texans out there let's get a few things straight.
  1. Yes, we do have cowboys. However, so does South Dakota and New York.
  2. Yes, there is oil in the ground in Texas. No, not everyone works for Exxon. Quick aside: Why does everyone complain about oil company profits, they are usually in line with other corporations when times are good (10-15%) You don't see people getting ticked off when Target or Baby Gap's profit is this high. And aren't companies suppose to make a profit.
  3. Yes, we have deserts. So does California. We also have more trees in East Texas than you can imagine, swamps near the Louisiana/Texas border, and big cities. The deserts are near El Paso, that's about 12 hours from my house. This is like someone in New York City driving to Indiana, big difference right? I actually only know one person from El Paso and I've never even been there.
  4. Yes, we have accents. So do people in Boston. The accents in Texas are really not that bad compared to other states. Try Tennessee or Kentucky, their accents will blow you away.
  5. We have farms and cows. So does Illinois. I drove through Illinois once, it was 8 hours of corn and then Chicago. Several Cubs fans tried to tell me two things 1.) Girls in Texas are not pretty, which is very funny 2.) Everyone lives on ranches in Texas. Cubs fans, I drove past more farms in your state than I do in Texas. Also Cubs fans, you are the Los Angeles Clippers of baseball with grass on your outfield walls.
  6. Texas is better than you, please deal with this accordingly.
  7. The University of Texas football team and the Dallas Cowboys are two teams in Texas. We also have about 10 more professional teams and about 30 Division I football teams.
  8. Longhorns on the front of cars. Yes, I have seen Longhorns on the front of a car in Texas...maybe once. There are so many times in movies that I see cars with Longhorns on them, it just doesn't happen.
  9. I have been on a horse twice in my life, both times in Colorado. I once had a joker in Pennsylvania tell me he was in downtown Houston and police officers were parking horses everywhere, and he did not see many cars. Penn man, there are 6 million people that live in Houston and hundreds of thousands that work downtime, do you really think they take a horse in 30 miles from The Woodlands?
  10. We don't all live on ranches. We live on 1/10000 of an acre (which I hate). I can broad jump across my yard.
  11. Cowboy hats - Yes we have cowboy hats but we also have baseball caps too. Anytime you see a police officer in a movie based in Texas they are wearing a cowboy hat.

Have a great Labor Day weekend y'all!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I see Russia....

This month we took a trip of a lifetime. Every year Dan's company does a sales incentive trip and this year it was a Baltic cruise. The cruise was 5 days, but we decided to go early and stay later. We spent 2 days in Copenhagen before heading out on the cruise. From Copenhagen we went to Estonia, Russia, Finland and ended in Sweden where we spent 2 days before heading home.

This trip was AMAZING to say the least. We had so much fun with everyone we were with and laughed the entire trip. Dan and I love to travel and this trip was one of the best. We tried to eat the local food in each place. In Sweden a delicacy is reindeer. So yes, I ate reindeer...and no, Santa Clause didn't serve it. The reindeer was actually really good. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of it, but it just looked like beef.

One of our favorite things we did was a bike tour in Copenhagen. The tour lasted about 3 hours and went all over Copenhagen. It was nice to see the entire city in a short period of time. We also went to Tivoli Gardens, which was a theme park that was Walt Disney's inspired for Disney World.

The boat was awesome. We had a decent size room with a balcony. The food was fantastic and had anything we wanted. I always take work out clothes when we travel and hardly ever work out but managed in one (I know it's not that impressive, but better than normal!) work out on the boat. The gym was at the front of the boat and the treadmills overlooked the water....beautiful!

There is so much I can say about the trip but I don't want to bore anyone. It was awesome, amazing, beautiful, educational, FUN...I could go on and on. The pictures tell it all. I'm grateful that Dan works so hard so we get to go on these great trips! Thanks, babe! :)

Now another week begins, but it will be a good one because next weekend is a 3 day weekend!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Has it really been 3 years?!

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I can't believe we have been married for 3 years already! It seems like yesterday that all of our friends and family surrounded us for our wedding day. I think one of the best things about being married is that I have a permanent date. We are a perfect match and I can't imagine life without him. Dan is my rock and supports me in whatever I do and I love him so much for that.

Dan, thank you for making me the happiest girl alive! I look forward to spending the next 60+ years with you!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pickled Lily!

My friend Sarah and I have been working on a new project for over 6 months and we are so excited that Pickled Lily is live!! We have created an online boutique for maternity and baby clothes. We have spent months searching for the perfect brands to carry that are also affordable. We want women to love the clothes they are in when they are pregnant and feel beautiful and not break the bank! So far we have a lot of the basics and are adding new products weekly. I'm really excited for some of the Fall items we are getting in.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Our website is

If you wish upon a Lily, make it Pickled!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kade Visits and Chase turns 2!

My brother came into town a couple of weeks ago and stayed for 10 days. I love it when he comes to visit and we had so much fun when he was here. I was so happy that he was here to celebrate Chase turning two. Dan and I call Chase our nephew, but really he is my cousin, Rebecca's baby....except he isn't a baby anymore! Rebecca and I are as close as sister's can be, so I feel like I can call Chase my nephew :)

Saturday after Kade arrived we went to a peach orchard in Gainesville with Rebecca, Jessica and Chase. It was so much fun even though it rained at the end of our visit. We left with 15 lbs of peaches, so I had to get creative with what I made with all of them.

During the week we spent time at my mom's house and saw a lot of family. We have a lot of family that lives close so it's always nice to find a reason to get together.

The night before Kade left we celebrated Chase's birthday at Rebecca and Jesse's and it was so fun. I made a new Sangria recipe that was a hit! I think it should be a staple at all birthday parties!
Happy birthday little guy! We love you so much!
Somehow I managed to not get a picture of Dan and I but I did capture his awesome hand stand! I had no idea he had this talent!
Rebecca and I are going to California to visit Kade in September before he makes his trip to Thailand. I'm going to miss him when he's gone but he is going to have an amazing time.