Sunday, February 19, 2012

Perfect timing or are we crazy?

Apparently Dan and I like to make big life changes all at the same time! At the end of March we are moving! Who cares if we just had a baby and spent months decorating her nursery? Who cares that we just re-did our bathrooms and just put in new carpet? We spent forever researching pediatricians and daycares and found the perfect places for our daughter near our home because we knew that we wouldn't move for at least another year. Life is so funny.
Our first home.

To sum up a long story, we are buying our dream home from our friends that are moving out of the state. Dan and I have loved their home from the moment we stepped into it six years ago. They probably felt really awkward when we would come over because we made such a big deal about how much we loved their home. Every house we have ever looked at we would compare to their home. They called us about a month ago and shared that they were moving and wanted to know if we were really serious about buying their home. Dan and I decided that if we didn't buy it now we would kick ourselves later.

So here we are with our two month old baby and we are moving! It's about 40 miles from our current house but not any further from Dan's office. We won't have to pay tolls anymore which we are SO happy about! With us both being in sales we drive a lot and living off of three toll roads we rake in the tolls everyday. Last year we spent $2500 just on tolls. We are so sad to see our friends move but we are really excited for our move into their home. And the bonus...we sold our current house in two days. Was this meant to be or what? We have six weeks to pack up our lives and move into our dream house on two acres in a town of not quite 3500 people. Our new house has a beautiful gazebo and even an enclosed sun room. This is a house we can grow into and it has TONS of storage. We can't wait!

Charlotte is really excited too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

2 Months!

We can't even believe that our little cutie is 2 months old! She continues to make us laugh everyday (especially when her eyes cross). I know I am so mean for taking a picture of her like that. This month she changed so much and I know that I am going to keep saying that every month!
Last week she has started to try to roll over. When she is laying on her back she kicks her long legs over and end up on her side. We are having to watch her closely just in case she makes the full roll! Charlotte has also started sleeping through the night! We know that this is not normal for most babies her age but we are so appreciative. We feed her around 9:30 or 10 every night and she will sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning. I am starting to get used to this! I hadn't slept a full night since I was first pregnant! Charlotte has also started smiling but of course never when my camera is in her face. Hopefully this month I can get a good picture. I love her gummy grin. She has also found her voice. It sounds like she's yelling sometimes and we aren't sure if she is starting to fuss or just "talking" and most of the time it's her talking to us.One of my favorite things to do is listen to Dan talk to Charlotte first thing in the morning. I listen to them over the monitor and I hear her cooing and squeeling when he talks to her. The other morning I heard him ask her if she was dreaming about a brother or sister...not anytime soon! Right now her brother and sister are two furry friends.

Charlotte LOVES any type of music and if she is upset we turn on music and she calms down immediately. We have had to retire all of her newborn clothes and move up to 3-6 months. Her pants were starting to look like capris! She is still in the 90% for height so hopefully she will be long and lean like her Daddy!

We have a very happy baby and we love her so much!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Goodbye babyland, hello real world!

Last Wednesday was my first day back at work. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel going back to work after being off for almost 8 weeks. When people would ask if I was sad that I had to go back to work I would say that I was looking forward to it and then feel guilty for feeling that way. There goes that guilt thing again...So far being back at work has been good. It's taken me a few days to get back into it but I still think it will be good for me to work. Dan's mom is here right now taking care of Charlotte which is a good transition until we put her in daycare in a couple of months. Charlotte is happy, Dan and I are happy and that is all we can ask for. Here is our bright eyed beauty!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Newborn Pics!

When Charlotte was two weeks old we had her newborn pictures taken by the wonderful Kendra Pryor. She did our maternity pictures too back in November. We had to be there at 9:30 in the morning dressed and ready to go and with a newborn baby that was a task but we somehow made it on time. It was so fun taking pictures and Charlotte was an angel for the most part and did what she does best...sleep.In these last two pictures does Charlotte look like she is thinking "I just peed all over my parents" was definitely a morning we will remember!