Monday, October 13, 2014

Charlotte--Our almost 3 year old!

It's been too long since I've done an update on Miss C.  It's hard to believe that in almost two months she will be 3. Where has the time gone?  Since we moved to Austin I have been staying home with her part time. I was very nervous about this because I didn't know what to expect. I always felt that we had a great time together but it was never for all day, every day except the weekends. Overall, it has gone really well. She loves going to her preschool on Monday's and Wednesday's and I enjoy being able to get work done during that time. In January we will put her in full time school again which I still need to figure out.  
Charlotte LOVES to sing. She makes up songs all the time about whatever she is doing. Right now she is really into princesses or "incesses". She has a couple of princess books and asks for her "incess books". It took me a while to figure out what she was talking about. Most days you will find her at home in a princess dress. She will put on regular clothes to leave the house and then it's right back into the princess dress when we walk in the door.  One night we went to dinner and Dan dropped me off at the door. I was seated and told the hostess to look for my really tall husband and a little girl in a nightgown.  I pick my battles. At least she has clothes on.  
She is getting better at eating. She still doesn't really eat regular kid food. Girlfriend will go to town on salmon and roast but won't eat a PB&J.  Ice cream is her favorite and it's about the only time she is silent. We may or may not use it as a bribery tactic pretty often. 
When we moved to Austin we went ahead and put her in a big bed. She's obsessed with her bed. It's pretty tall so we have a railing on one side but for the most part she stays in it at night. She has woken up a handful of times but overall is doing really well. Our house is about 65 years old and has been added onto. Charlotte's room is in the middle of the house and doesn't have a window. It's really strange but also kind of awesome. She doesn't know when it's light out so she sleeps until about 8 every morning.   
I'm not really sure what Charlotte thinks about being a big sister. We have tried to talk to her a lot about it and she just kind of ignores what we are saying. The other day I had bought some newborn diapers and she wanted to put them on Ella (her cabbage patch doll). We put one on Ella and she turned and threw her in the fireplace. Dan and I couldn't stop laughing. Let's hope she treats her sibling with a little more love. 
 I know that she will be a great big sister and I hope that they will be best friends. It's a little sad thinking that our days are limited as a family of 3. Just 3 years ago we were on pins and needles waiting for Charlotte's arrival. It's hard to imagine another little one running around.  Needless to say, there is no turning back now and I can't wait for Charlotte to have a sibling. Hopefully she will feel the same way too!