Monday, October 17, 2011

29 Weeks...officially a Tumis!

Here I am at 29 weeks. Please excuse the no makeup and ponytail. I worked from home today and didn't feel like getting fixed up. Our little squash (her size this week) is growing and kicking more and more everyday! She is about 16" long and weighs 2.5-3.8 lbs. She will triple in size before birth! I can now feel her from one side to the other when she moves. This weekend she had the hiccups several times. Dan and I were laughing at the constant movement of my stomach. I say in the title of this blog that I'm officially a Tumis because Dan and I did something this weekend that is just like his parents. When Dan was growing up his parents bought 3 Dodge caravans in a row. Two of them were even the same color! I've been driving a Honda pilot the past 5 years and it was finally time to trade it in. When we had to take it to be worked on twice in two weeks we decided it was time. We have had it paid off for a couple of years and have been spoiled not having a car payment, but it was time to let the Pilot go. So what did we get...a new Pilot. A different color though! And it is 7 years newer than my old one so it's like a brand new model to me. It's super nice and will be perfect for our growing family.

This week is crazy busy and this weekend is even busier! I am LOVING my job so much and it is keeping me very busy. Dan's mom is coming in town tomorrow to visit us for a week and we have another baby shower this weekend. I have the most wonderful girlfriends that are putting this shower together for us. Saturday can't get here fast enough! Next Monday I leave for Chicago for a week for work. This should be my last trip on a plane for a while. I went to Illinois right after our New York trip and it was pretty rough traveling, so I am going to try rest a lot this week and especially next week when I'm out of town. I can't go as fast as I'm used to and I find that I push myself too hard and have to pay for it later. Soon enough I can get back to my normal speed!

Now that I am back working I feel like I am so much more productive. My house is cleaner, we are back to planning our meals out ahead of time, cooking every night, I feel less doesn't make sense but I'm loving how I feel and loving my job everyday.

Happy Monday!


  1. when you go on that plane soon, make sure you take it easy, drink fluids and have people lift your luggage into the overheads (if applicable). everyone loves to help a cute pregger lady like your beautiful self. I know a person that had to go into early labor right around week 30 from high blood pressure and she was fit as a fiddle. like you. Her son is perfectly fine now but it's just one of those things that stuck with me and I feel I should say something.

  2. Hi Emily,
    You may remember we met on the Baltic Cruise one night at dinner. My husband Todd works at ADP in Houston. Todd and Dan became friends on FB and I found your blog. Wanted to tell you congratulations on the new baby!
    Becky Messina