Sunday, July 31, 2011

17 Weeks...and a trip to Colorado

We just spent the past week in Colorado visiting Dan's parents. The weather was amazing and such a nice change from this heat in Dallas right now. Dan's parents live in Pagosa Springs which is in southern Colorado. We had never driven there because we normally go in the winter and we decided to drive this time and take the pups. We weren't sure how they would act on the long drive, but they were angels the whole way.

We went hiking, took picnics to the river, took long naps, took walks around the neighborhood, pretty much heaven. It was so nice to spend so much time outside enjoying the weather. I see why so many people love living in Colorado. Dylan and Bella in the car. They smiled the whole way!
Dan and I on one of our hikes
My in-laws, Darlene and John

I wasn't sure how I would be hiking with the high altitude but it was totally fine. I loved being outside.

A BIG thank you to John and Darlene for having us this week! We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to take our little girl to Colorado. Thank you for letting us bring our pups and spoiling them rotten. You two will be great grandparents to your grandbaby!

So we have hit the 17 week mark! I feel like the first 10 weeks dragged on and on and now the weeks just keep passing by. Only 23 weeks until we meet our little girl. We found out so early that we were pregnant I remember seeing "only 36 more weeks left." We have a lot to do before this little one arrives! So far we have purchased a crib and a chair and we have a plan for the room. My mom is making all the bedding so we have picked fabric. It will be so fun to see everything come together over the next few months.

I feel a lot bigger this week! That might be due to all the food we ate in Colorado. I really enjoyed not having to cook for the week! This week we are back to normal workouts and healthy food. I'm in mostly all maternity clothes now. Even my pre-pregnancy tops that were loose are starting to be tight around my belly. This week I started filling out the baby book. I found a great book off of Etsy that we were able to customize. I didn't think I would do one until I saw mine and Dan's that our mom's spent so much time on. It was neat to look back at our milestones.

We have a busy week ahead of us with work, doctor's appointment and Kade coming to visit! He is going to help me paint the nursery and get some things done around the house. I hope everyone stays cool this week!

Monday, July 25, 2011

16 Weeks!

I can't believe we are already at 16 weeks! I feel like I am definitely getting bigger every day. This week our baby girl can hear! Dan has asked me weekly when he thinks our baby can start hearing because he wants to read her stories and talk to her. Well, week 16 it is! They say that she is going to get used to noises like dogs barking and the vacuum so it shouldn't bother her when she gets here. Our little pup, Dylan, likes to bark so hopefully she will get used to hearing him!

People are so funny when you tell them you are pregnant. For instance, this week we told an older person (that we aren't related to) that we are pregnant and her response was, "well it looked like your face was rounder than the last time I saw you." Wow. Thank you for that comment. That makes me feel awesome :) Gaining weight has been the hardest part of this whole thing. I work really hard to eat healthy and work out and it is strange to see the scale go up. All of my friends look amazing after having their babies and I hope I can go back to my normal size. I know every pound is needed to make this little girl healthy and strong.

People (older women) also like to re-live their birthing experiences with me. I really don't want to know all the details of all women's pregnancies. I realize that it is going to be painful and it will all be worth it, but I want to go into it blinded and have my own experience :) Pregnancy definitely gets you a lot of attention in a good and bad way!

This week I felt great besides little pains here and there. My hips are starting to hurt after I work out and I guess it is because they are changing. I can't complain too much though! It's all been great so far! Here I am in my 16 week picture wearing a Pickled Lily dress! It's fun to finally get to wear the clothes I've been looking at for so long. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does this make me crazy?

So almost a month ago we found out the gender of Baby T. We went to a wonderful specialist for our quad screen who told us that she was 95% sure we were having a baby girl. 95% chance is pretty great right? I have found that I am very impatient and paranoid! I have spent the past month wondering that if the doctor was right. Of course, we are in a win/win situation with a boy or girl. I have felt scared to buy anything until we knew for sure it was a girl. Plus, I kept hearing stories of people finding the gender out early and going back for their anatomy scan at 20 weeks and the gender has changed. I have felt so crazy and worried about this.

Well, to solve my paranoia Dan and I went and paid for a sonogram today. I have heard of people doing 3D sonograms later on in their pregnancy, but not early on. Just to let you all know, you can pay to find out the gender early! It wasn't very expensive and we got to see our baby in 3D. Again, the tech confirmed that we are for sure having a baby girl. I won't post the picture with proof, but here you can see another shot of our little beauty queen. At one point she turned to us and waved. So crazy that our little orange this week doesn't look so little anymore! (She's the size of a naval orange this week.) She wasn't kicking as much as last time, but was waving her arms around.

I feel so much better seeing her again! Let the decorating and shopping begin!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

15 Weeks!

Nothing much new to report this week. I had another doctor's appointment with my regular doctor. Baby girl had a very strong heartbeat and was moving around a ton! You could hear a swishing sound of her moving around. Pretty amazing. I swear I am feeling her kick this week. Some say it's too early, but I keep thinking it's our little girl kicking her long legs.

We are headed to Colorado next week to go see Dan's parents. We are driving the 16 hours with the dogs and spending a few days there. We are really looking forward to getting out of this heat! We have never driven there before so it should be interesting. It's a glimpse into our future! Flying with a car seat, stroller, pack and play, etc doesn't seem practical so I'm sure we will be driving more than flying when our little one arrives.

I feel really great so far. I have to say, I am loving being pregnant. I haven't been as tired this week and I have a lot more energy. The only cravings I have had so far is a cold beer! Bud Light Lime to be exact. My mouth waters every time I see a sign for one. So strange.

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What will it bee...a he or a she???

This past Saturday Dan and I had a gender reveal party for our family and close friends. We found out the gender of Baby T the week before and kept it a secret for over a week! It was Dan's idea to keep it between us for a little while and now I am so glad we did. It was really fun to talk about it knowing that only the two of us knew. I'm pretty sure we tortured our family and friends but in the end they enjoyed the wait too. Beware, this is a picture heavy post!

We did a bee theme for the party. "What will it bee...a he or a she" is what our cake said. The cake turned out AMAZING!

Chase decided to use Adrienne's belly as a road for his truck.
My Dad drove up from Houston for the evening which meant the world to me. He's excited about being a first time grandad!
We had everyone give their suggestions for grandparent names. I think they are taking it as seriously as we are thinking of a name for our baby! And a picture of me and my beautiful mama!
The pups had on bee bandanas. They looked so cute.

We had everyone out down their guess for Baby T! As you can see most of the votes were for boy!

We had my mom cut into the cake to reveal the gender. Dan's parents were on skype so they wouldn't miss the party! We first had her cut into the top portion...she said "this is chocolate is there something you need to tell me..." haha


We are beside ourselves excited to be having a baby girl. I was completely shocked. I would have bet money that we were having a boy! Most of our friends have little boys so it will be nice to have a little girl in the mix. She will have many dates when her Daddy decides he will allow that :) Knowing that we are having a girl and seeing her move around last week makes this all so real. In less than 6 months we will have a little girl in our home and can't be more excited about it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

14 Weeks...Hello 2nd Trimester!

We are so happy to be out of the first trimester! Even though we have seen/heard the heartbeat several times, it still feels good to be out of the danger zone. Anything can happen, but we pray that we will continue to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. We have another appointment this week with our doctor on Thursday.

BIG NEWS...We do know Baby T's gender and had a gender reveal party for our families this weekend. That will have to be in another post this week. We found out last Friday at our quad screen test and kept it a secret for a week until we could get our families together and tell them at once. I didn't think I could keep it a secret, but I did!

I have felt really good this week and less tired. I'm excited for this next trimester because I hear it is when you feel your best. I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is staying out of this crazy heat. I swear this summer is hotter than it has every been!

Monday, July 4, 2011

13 Weeks and Baby T's first photo shoot

I can't believe that we are already into our 13th week! I'm pretty sure I am saying that every week. Time is FLYING by and I know that January will be here before we know it! This week was the first time a stranger asked me when I was due. We were in the grocery store and a nice man asked when our big day was. It took me off guard because I still don't feel like I am showing that much to people that don't know me. It made me feel really good :)

I still feel really good so far. I'm trying to figure out how to decorate the baby's room, but am drawing a blank so far. I have purchased quite a few maternity things and I can't wait to start wearing pieces from Pickled Lily. It will be fun to actually wear the clothes I have been selling for the past year. At the rate I'm going I'll be wearing them soon!

Friday we went in for our Quad screen test which is a hi tech sonogram that tests for down syndrome. We got to see pictures of our little one which was so amazing. The first thing that the doctor noticed was that he/she had long legs. It was kicking and punching and sucking its' thumb. I think it was just copying the kick boxing that I do every week. It is truly a miracle that our little one is so small (the size of a lemon this week) and we could still count all fingers and toes.

To celebrate the 4th we went down to Lake Conroe to see our friends Brandon and Brooke. They have a beautiful house on the lake and we had so much fun catching up with them. It felt like vacation. We had so much fun on their boat and jet skis and just hanging out. We also went to Dan's friend Justin's 30th birthday party. I always love seeing Dan with his friends from high school. He had a constant smile on his face and they laughed just as hard as they always do at all the crazy stories from growing up.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!