Monday, August 29, 2011

22 Weeks...yes we moved ahead a week

When we went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago she moved our due date up to January 2 because our baby girl is running ahead of schedule. So now I'm at 22 weeks instead of 21. I don't feel like I'm getting much bigger but the bump is definitely rounder. This week baby girl has decided to use my bladder as a trampoline. Or maybe a big balloon to roll around on. I feel like bathroom trips happen every 5 minutes! It's worse than the first trimester! It makes it worth it when I can feel her kicking and flipping in my tummy. Dan FINALLY felt her kick last week. His face lit up when he felt the thumps.

There are many difficult things about being pregnant (like not having any control of your weight and being the heaviest you have ever been in your life) but I try not to rant about those too much :) There are also some awesome things about being pregnant. One of the greatest perks is front row parking places!! I have found expectant mother parking at Nordstrom, Market Street and Babies 'R Us. It was so great to go to the Nordstrom anniversary sale and park right in front! It's the little things, right?

We registered this week at Babies 'R Us. Holy overwhelming! This baby needs A LOT of stuff and we have A LOT to learn! Just the bottle aisle was overwhelming. Maybe things were easier a long time ago when there weren't as many options. Hopefully we'll be able to figure it out when the baby arrives.

I'm looking forward to the busy week ahead and the long weekend coming up!


  1. try not to get overwhelmed by it all. there is a lot of stuff they make you think you need that you don't.

    and, if you are nursing, i wouldn't stock up on bottles. some kids don't like all of them (in fact between the girls, they didn't like the same ones).

  2. I love reading the updates on your pregnancy! Makes me wish I was more organized and had a blog for both of mine!

    Anyways, as far as Babies R Us goes, don't stress. Register for what you think you may need, but don't open everything. Neither of my kids took a bottle because they nursed until sippy cup time. Also pacifiers, don't know if you are planning on using them or not. We did with Carter and it was a nightmare to wean him. So with Reagan I never gave her one and she quickly learned to self sooth. If you have any questions I'm sure you have lots of advice from others, but if I can help with anything let me know! :)

  3. i highly recommend Mams pacifiers! Owen spit out every other brand.. i know a lot of babies that only prefer Mams. Owen was non picky about bottles but Medela are easy to clean as Dr. Brown's have more parts to assemble and clean.


  4. I second the Mams recommendation! They seemed easier for Palmer to keep in his mouth than the soothies or any other kind. We have really liked Avent bottles when we've needed them. I don't remember if Babies R Us has it, but a My Brest Friend is AWESOME if you're planning on nursing. I have a Boppy too, but it just wasn't as good for the early months.

    Aden & Anais swaddling blankets are awesome because they're so big- look for them! We love our white noise machine and Baby Bjorn- two things I wasn't sold on until Palmer was born and I used them all the time! A Moby wrap is good too. Those are the things that come to mind on my essentials list!

    Oh, and infant gowns are soooo convenient for nighttime diaper changes. :)