Monday, August 8, 2011

18 can't get any hotter than this

Here we are almost half way through this pregnancy! I am thanking my lucky stars that I am not 9 months pregnant right now in this crazy heat wave we are having. (Sorry to my bff Adrienne and everyone else that is!) It has been so, so hot here in Dallas. Dan and I used to practice bikram yoga and that is what our weather feels like...walking into a heated room.

This past weekend we accomplished so much! My brother is in town and painted our both of our guest rooms (one will be the nursery). He has been a HUGE help to Dan and I and we have had a lot of fun doing projects. We are also painting a dresser that is going to go in the baby's room along with some accent pieces. It is going to be really fun to see all of my ideas come together. My mom is also really involved with the decorating because she is making all of the bedding and curtains. I'm lucky to have such a talented mom!

This past week I have really felt pregnant. My feet and joints hurt bad. I feel like I have run a marathon in the highest heels I own. Apparently this is all just part of being pregnant. I hope I will be able to get back into my heels one day! Right now it's just flats and running shoes for me! I stare at my closet every morning at all of my shoes and then remember the pain I am in if I don't wear something comfortable and resort to my old faithfuls. I'm going to try and stick to only yoga as my work out for a while. It makes me feel so much better and isn't as hard on my feet and knees. I feel like an old person!

Today we had our full anatomy scan and everything looks great! I know this will be shocking, but baby girl is running way ahead of schedule. She is measuring ahead in her legs, head and torso. It looks like she might have a mid December birthday! I'm not really concerned with the due date as long as she is healthy. It's always fun to see our little one kicking and moving around.

I'll post nursery progress pretty soon. I'm going to stay inside with my feet propped up until it cools off!

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  1. exactly around 19 weeks I went to a chiropractor.. it made all the help. I got weekly pregnancy massages and adjustments due to my back pain/leg pain. I hope you find relief and perhaps give it a try too. you get massaged/adjusted on a pillow with a hole in it so there is no pressure on your belly. i got adjusted/massaged all the way up until week 39!