Monday, August 22, 2011

20 weeks...and an anniverysary trip to Austin!

This past week was super busy. We celebrated our 4th anniversary and took a trip to Austin. We love Austin and would move there if we could. It's such a great town with a ton to do. I love how people spend so much time outside despite the heat. The hotel we stayed at was so awesome. It was in the middle of South Congress and lots of great shops and food around it. We will definitely stay there again. It was SO hot during the day but we managed to stay busy and enjoy our time.

Here I am half way through! The bump is HUGE! I tried a new yoga class this morning at our new gym. I love yoga and I've been doing it for years. I'm used to doing the advanced moves in class and it is getting really hard now! Any twist or anything on my stomach I felt like I was crushing baby girl. She was kicking almost the entire class so she must have enjoyed it!

Like I have been mentioning she has been kicking a lot. Normally the kicks feel like flutters or little thumps. Last week at dinner Dan and I were just sitting there talking and all of a sudden I felt a KAPOW in my stomach. It startled me so bad I'm surprised I didn't scream. I wish Dan's hand had been on my stomach because I'm sure he would have been able to feel it!

I felt really good last week. Still trying to stay active and eat healthy. I'm trying to really watch my sodium to try and prevent from getting puffy and swollen. Also, I'm pretty sure my feet have grown. Not great for my shoe collection but I'm holding out on buying any shoes for a while. Maybe they will go back when it cools down? Who knows. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. It will all be worth it so soon!


  1. glad you all had a nice anniversary trip.

    emily, you are looking so cute.

    so, do we get to hear her name/choices, or is that not until the big day?

  2. Prop those feet up at home! The biggest thing I think that kept me from swelling was drinking lots and lots of water (although it's counter-intuitive). I guess it helps flush out the sodium!