Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Big 3-0!

My sweet husband turned 30 last week! Here he is with his birthday invitation :)
His birthday was 2 days before Thanksgiving so we had a low key birthday with family and of course cookie cake. If my husband had to choose a food to live on it would be a close call between cookies and cream ice cream (is HAS to be Blue Bell), cookie cake and salsa. Just a little background on me and my guy, on our first date he told me that if a girl wanted to marry him all she had to do was give him salsa. So, beginning then for every birthday/holiday he gets salsa :) It obviously worked!

For Dan's birthday I got him a new briefcase (with salsa inside) and basketball tickets to the Rockets/Mavericks game. I didn't take any pictures at the game but we had a great time. Dan grew up watching the Rockets and I knew he would love to see them play again. This weekend is the big bash to celebrate Dan's 30th! It should be a good time!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Dan! Sounds like a great day.

    PS I'm quite certain I purchased a container or two of salsa for Dan!

  2. Oh, PPS, Dan actually got us a chip and salsa bowl for our wedding!