Thursday, July 21, 2011

Does this make me crazy?

So almost a month ago we found out the gender of Baby T. We went to a wonderful specialist for our quad screen who told us that she was 95% sure we were having a baby girl. 95% chance is pretty great right? I have found that I am very impatient and paranoid! I have spent the past month wondering that if the doctor was right. Of course, we are in a win/win situation with a boy or girl. I have felt scared to buy anything until we knew for sure it was a girl. Plus, I kept hearing stories of people finding the gender out early and going back for their anatomy scan at 20 weeks and the gender has changed. I have felt so crazy and worried about this.

Well, to solve my paranoia Dan and I went and paid for a sonogram today. I have heard of people doing 3D sonograms later on in their pregnancy, but not early on. Just to let you all know, you can pay to find out the gender early! It wasn't very expensive and we got to see our baby in 3D. Again, the tech confirmed that we are for sure having a baby girl. I won't post the picture with proof, but here you can see another shot of our little beauty queen. At one point she turned to us and waved. So crazy that our little orange this week doesn't look so little anymore! (She's the size of a naval orange this week.) She wasn't kicking as much as last time, but was waving her arms around.

I feel so much better seeing her again! Let the decorating and shopping begin!!


  1. I remember Braeden's 3D sonogram. :) What a neat experience!

  2. The gender paranoia doesn’t go away! I was worried until the day we had baby Leighton. I figured the name was unisex and we had a bunch of green in her room if she was really a he… but he would have to learn to love the color pink because there was nothing we could do about that…. The silly things you worry about. By the way… Jon and I are over the moon excited for yall!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Glad you got your confirmation! It sure made it easier for us not finding out with the girls!