Sunday, July 31, 2011

17 Weeks...and a trip to Colorado

We just spent the past week in Colorado visiting Dan's parents. The weather was amazing and such a nice change from this heat in Dallas right now. Dan's parents live in Pagosa Springs which is in southern Colorado. We had never driven there because we normally go in the winter and we decided to drive this time and take the pups. We weren't sure how they would act on the long drive, but they were angels the whole way.

We went hiking, took picnics to the river, took long naps, took walks around the neighborhood, pretty much heaven. It was so nice to spend so much time outside enjoying the weather. I see why so many people love living in Colorado. Dylan and Bella in the car. They smiled the whole way!
Dan and I on one of our hikes
My in-laws, Darlene and John

I wasn't sure how I would be hiking with the high altitude but it was totally fine. I loved being outside.

A BIG thank you to John and Darlene for having us this week! We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to take our little girl to Colorado. Thank you for letting us bring our pups and spoiling them rotten. You two will be great grandparents to your grandbaby!

So we have hit the 17 week mark! I feel like the first 10 weeks dragged on and on and now the weeks just keep passing by. Only 23 weeks until we meet our little girl. We found out so early that we were pregnant I remember seeing "only 36 more weeks left." We have a lot to do before this little one arrives! So far we have purchased a crib and a chair and we have a plan for the room. My mom is making all the bedding so we have picked fabric. It will be so fun to see everything come together over the next few months.

I feel a lot bigger this week! That might be due to all the food we ate in Colorado. I really enjoyed not having to cook for the week! This week we are back to normal workouts and healthy food. I'm in mostly all maternity clothes now. Even my pre-pregnancy tops that were loose are starting to be tight around my belly. This week I started filling out the baby book. I found a great book off of Etsy that we were able to customize. I didn't think I would do one until I saw mine and Dan's that our mom's spent so much time on. It was neat to look back at our milestones.

We have a busy week ahead of us with work, doctor's appointment and Kade coming to visit! He is going to help me paint the nursery and get some things done around the house. I hope everyone stays cool this week!

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