Sunday, July 17, 2011

15 Weeks!

Nothing much new to report this week. I had another doctor's appointment with my regular doctor. Baby girl had a very strong heartbeat and was moving around a ton! You could hear a swishing sound of her moving around. Pretty amazing. I swear I am feeling her kick this week. Some say it's too early, but I keep thinking it's our little girl kicking her long legs.

We are headed to Colorado next week to go see Dan's parents. We are driving the 16 hours with the dogs and spending a few days there. We are really looking forward to getting out of this heat! We have never driven there before so it should be interesting. It's a glimpse into our future! Flying with a car seat, stroller, pack and play, etc doesn't seem practical so I'm sure we will be driving more than flying when our little one arrives.

I feel really great so far. I have to say, I am loving being pregnant. I haven't been as tired this week and I have a lot more energy. The only cravings I have had so far is a cold beer! Bud Light Lime to be exact. My mouth waters every time I see a sign for one. So strange.

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend!

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