Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My thoughts on daycare...

It is amazing how many opinions you get when you are pregnant. First, people tell you their birth stories ALL the time and people are full of advice. I feel like I'm a very nice person and I do like hearing what people have to say most of the time but sometimes people offer a little too much.

I cannot tell you how many people have told me that they would never put their kids in daycare or they would never trust anyone else to watch their kids. I appreciate other opinions but people offer this up before even asking what we are going to do with our baby. Today I was getting our carpets cleaned and the man doing them went on and on about how daycare is so bad and he would never trust someone else with his kids. He doesn't even have kids by the way and isn't going to have any. Maybe he thought I didn't work because I was home but still, it's annoying. Even the lady waxing my eyebrows last week told me that her niece stays with her elderly grandparents daily because they would never put her in daycare.

Have these people even looked at these horrible places called daycare? Dan and I have been touring what seems like every daycare in our town to find the perfect place for Charlotte to be while we are working. These daycares are so nice and more like a private school. The women working there have worked with children for such a long time and you can tell that they truly care about these babies. There is so much they can start learning at such a young age that I know I am not prepared to teach Charlotte. She will be in a small class with babies her age and she will be learning so much! Of course it will be so hard to leave her but we know it is best.

I have said over and over, I think that being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the world. Not only are you caring for your child or children you have to teach them a lot before they head off to school. Everyone has their own opinion on how to raise their children and that is how it should be. Just don't judge me for taking my baby to daycare. :)


  1. Oh, the opinions (and I'm pretty sure I offered mine)...but we love our girls' daycare. Which is a private school. And, with the exception of a couple teachers, they've both had the same teachers throughout being there. Meaning the keep their teachers!

    Good luck with your decision. Going with your gut and mommy instinct usually won't let you down (Maybe Matt should call you about one of the places we went to look because it was cheaper...once he say it he said there was NO WAY our kids would ever go to that one...it smelled like pee by the way).

  2. you go girl! Daycare is wonderful and full of expert moms... and some even are once-before-teachers looking for something more part time/flexible! Enjoy daycare shopping around!! Have any of your girlfriends or Dan's friends given you some referrals from their experience? Owen will go to daycare when he's older as It's just expensive :/ at least up here in Chicago it is. Thank goodness for grandma helping us out from Oct-May! :) :) :) p.s. Love the name Charlotte! I have ever since SATC! ;)

  3. I worked at a daycare my first 2 years of college, and I can tell you that every teacher (including me) loved those babies SO much!! And they had so much fun and a great learning environment. It would be hard to not spend every minute with your baby, but you'll both be just fine either way! Can't wait to see pics of her! :)

  4. Worst soon-to-be-mommy EVER!!!!