Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charlotte's Second Week and her first Christmas!

I cannot believe that our little girl is already two weeks old! The past two weeks have flown by so fast! It seems like we have had her forever. Dan and I don't know what we did with all of our free time before. Now we are constantly doing laundry and taking care of Charlotte and so far she's an easy baby. The past few days she has started to wake up a little and not sleep 95% of the time. I read that newborns sleep around 16 hours a day and no way Charlotte slept that little. She would wake to eat and that's about it. She has had her eyes open for a few hours the past couple of days. She just looks around makes her little noises. This week she even had two nights where she slept for over five hours. Dan and I woke up in a panic thinking that something was wrong and she was just sound asleep. Right now she is sleeping in our room in a pack and play at the end of our bed. We swaddle her tight and she goes sound to sleep. Thank goodness for a good swaddle blanket!

We have had lots of visitors since Charlotte's birth day. Dan's parents came in from Colorado the day after she was born and stayed for a few days. My mom lives here and has been over about every other day just to get her Charlotte fix. My brother came in from California last week and my Dad and Kim came up the day after Christmas. It has been really nice seeing all of our family this holiday. We have had a lot of friends come by and meet Charlotte and many of them have been so kind to bring us dinner. We are getting spoiled! We are so thankful to have so many people around us that love us and love our daughter.

Christmas day was so fun and we can't wait until next year when Charlotte will be older and maybe actually awake!


  1. Isn't it so fun how a baby brings everybody together? My mom and I spend even more time together now that Palmer is here!

  2. I am just so thrilled for you! And while all of the pictures are precious, the picture of Kade at the top is my favorite - so much joy on his face!