Monday, December 12, 2011

37 weeks...officially full term!!

Here I am at 37 weeks...I look at these pictures every week and think, no wonder my back hurts! We are fully prepared for Charlotte here in the Tumis household. Bags are packed, the pack & play is set up, classes are we just wait for our baby. I've been having weekly appointments for a while now and I look forward to them every week. This week we were told I'm measuring at 40 weeks! I've been retaining a lot of fluids the past couple of weeks so that could be why. I've been living in my Uggs which leave marks on my calves when I take them off. I can't wait to get back into my cute tall boots! We have a sonogram on Friday to check Charlotte's size, but my doctor thinks she's normal weight right now which is what we are hoping for.

I think one of my favorite things about being pregnant is feeling Charlotte move. She's slowed down some which is probably due to the lack of space she has now. Dan and I can talk to her and wake her up. It's pretty amazing to know that she's sleeping and when we talk to her she starts moving. They say that the babies recognize the mom and dad's voice immediately after birth. I hope she is used to our pups barking too! We might have a problem if she's not. Dylan barks when he hears the doorbell and it is loud. Surely she is used to it by now!

Pregnancy definitely teaches you patience. We know that Charlotte's arrival is out of our control and is in God's hands. That is until the 26th when I evict her from her house :) So until December 26th we are just waiting and trying to stay busy. I'm going to make sure my house is clean and picked up at night just in case we have to go to the hospital. I hate coming home to a messy house. We are enjoying these last moments as just the two of us because we know it might be a little while before we get a date night again. Although, we are determined to get back to date night pretty quickly. Hopefully Charlotte's grandma's will be ok with that :)

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  1. we have 2 dogs.. and EVERYONE told us.. don't change because you have a baby. vacuum, let the dogs bark, keep the tv on... just because you have a baby doesn't mean you need to tune down everything. it's so true.. owen sleeps with his door open and we have dogs barking, tv on, people cheering downstairs when a bears game on.. and he sleeps like the dead.