Monday, September 19, 2011

25 Weeks...something is in the water!

Nothing new to report this week really except it feels like I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday! The weather has been great and I'm looking forward to cooler temps and being outside more. Baby girl is kicking like crazy still and now we can see her thumps on the outside of my stomach. When Dan talks to her she now kicks back. So far she loves when her Daddy talks to her, she loves yoga and church. Those are the times when she kicks the most. I'm still waiting for Bella to be sitting on me and she feels the baby kick her.
We have so many friends that are pregnant right now! Something is definitely in the water! It is so much fun going through this time with people who are experiencing the same thing. I felt for a while that we were the only ones without kiddos but apparently not because we are all pregnant right now!

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments last week! I started my job today and so far so good. I'm glad I have experience in this industry so I'm not totally lost. We have a busy week ahead but all good things. Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! I don't think you look bigger than last week!

    Yep, something in the was pretty good!

    Glad the new job is going well.