Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should I have cabin fever?

Today we were officially iced in. Some people were complaining of having cabin fever, but I loved it! There wasn't much snow on the ground but we had about 2 inches of ice on our driveway and our streets. We both work from home when we can but today we were forced to stay inside. It was really fun to spend the day together and cook all 3 meals together. For lunch we made home made potato soup and for dinner shrimp gumbo. Here is my cutie making his first roux! (we both stayed in our pj's all day...notice I didn't post any pics of me)
We try to cook together every night and we are always trying new recipes. We both love to cook. Two items that are a must have for me are by Le Creuset dutch oven (pictured above) and my handy chopper (below). Both items I use on a daily basis in my kitchen. I think I could get rid of all my other pots and pans and use only my dutch oven.
We aren't sure what tomorrow's weather will bring, but I wouldn't be against being forced to stay inside again! Thank goodness for laptops!

The pups have enjoyed the snow day too!

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  1. Sounds like the day two Older Love Birds had yesterday - looking to repeat today!