Monday, May 20, 2013

Brass is Back

About a month ago we did a face lift on our kitchen. When I say we, I mean that we started to try to do it ourselves and then realized that we had no idea what we were doing and called our go to handyman to finish the job. It was a much larger project than we anticipated. I have no idea how I thought I would be able to access my oven and refrigerator for the week they worked. Our kitchen was taped off and we couldn't even get in there without going outside and walking through the sun room to check out the progress. So basically, we lived on take out while the work was being done. There could be worse things than eating Chick-Fil-A three times in one week. 

Our kitchen is what is called a galley kitchen, so it is long and closed in on both sides. At the end is a large built in which holds a lot of my serving dishes and our pantry and trash can. Our goal with our kitchen was to not spend a ton but change the look of the country kitchen. We also had a door that lead from the breakfast area to our master room and after too many times of Charlotte running through the door when people were in town we decided it was time to close it up. We had the wallpaper removed and changed out the light fixtures. Molding was added on the top of the cabinets and new crown molding was put up. 

Before I get to the before and after pictures I have a public service announcement: brass is coming back in style. I know what you are thinking...that is so 80's. That is why in our prior home I switched out the brass light fixtures as fast as I could. In this kitchen when I picked the charcoal gray color for the cabinets, the brass hardware just popped against the dark gray. And gasp...we even changed the light fixture and faucet to brass. We went all out. I had the light above the sink switched to stainless steel to tie in our stainless oven and eventually I would like to change out the dishwasher and refrigerator to a stainless finish. Right now we can't justify changing them out because they work great.

Enjoy a tour of our newish kitchen :)
Pantry/Hutch area BEFORE
Breakfast Area BEFORE--I'm not sure why I didn't turn on lights for the before pictures
Breakfast Area AFTER

Random door (and cute baby) to our master bedroom
Door replaced by chalkboard
So to the Lowe's lady who on the phone told me that I would not be able to find a brass faucet because no one buys brass anymore...look at magazines and design blogs! Brass is back!

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