Monday, April 29, 2013

A 16 month Charlotte Update

It's been a while since I've done an update on our little lady. After her big birthday bash I have slacked in the blog posts. We have been keeping busy here! At the beginning of the year we decided to try to slow down and try not to fill our weekends with running around and spend more time at home. Charlotte is growing and changing so much that I want to soak up every second with her. She became a full on walker around 13 1/2 months and is now running and dancing all day long. Her dancing consists of swaying back and forth and occasionally she will put her hands on her knees and shake her booty. I'm not sure where she learned that move!   
Right after her birthday we took away the bottles and went cold turkey. I was kind of nervous about it but she did fine! She eats everything but is still a lover of all fruit and yogurt. She is doing really well at eating with a fork and spoon and I have found that if I give her a fork I can get her to eat anything. I lost count at how many teeth Charlotte has because last time I tried to look she almost took my finger off. From the looks of it she has almost all of them. I'm thinking that the back molars are coming in right now....I'm ready for that to be over with!
 We are spending as much time outside as we can right now before the inferno enters. Charlotte will hang on our front door until we take her outside. Saturday we were outside working on the yard all day and Charlotte managed to eat a handful of dirt, rocks and I caught her chewing on a stick. I promise I hardly took my eyes off of her!

We are very excited that month 16 brought on longer hair so the piggies could make their debut! Is she not the cutest?!
 If you remember, girlfriend was bald for what felt like forever.
The past few months we have had lots of play dates. It is so fun to watch Charlotte play and interact with her friends.
And even some shared baths...she can kill me for taking pictures of this later on in life :)
Easter was so fun. Charlotte didn't quite get the hunting eggs part but she had fun pick up one and opening it over and over. Her school did an Easter egg hunt that Dan and I got to watch. Easter Sunday we had our family over for dinner.
Time is flying and Charlotte is not a baby anymore. This is such a fun age and I love seeing how independent she is becoming. She chatters and sings all day long. We might not know what she is saying, but she is Miss Chatterbox. She loves to read and when we are sitting on the floor she will hand me a book and walk forward and then back all the way up until she lands in my lap. I love the snuggles even though they last about 30 seconds. She puts the biggest smiles on our faces every day and we love listening to her little voice. Parenthood is hard but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'll try to get better with the updates so the next post isn't so l-o-n-g.

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