Thursday, January 17, 2013

House Update: The Mud Room!

When we moved into our house we knew that there were things that we wanted to update over time. So far we have redone the third bath, painted the family room, fixed up the play room, and redone Charlotte's room. All of these were minor projects that only involved some paint and a little face lift. Our large projects include the middle bath, master bath, kitchen and our room but in due time. Nothing is wrong with any of these they just need to be updated to our taste.

Anyway, the point of my post :) Last week we had our mud room redone. At the end of our main hallway is a small staircase that leads to the guest room, loft and garage. The staircase had a banister with nothing underneath. A sturdy banister, but having a VERY mobile one year old could have led to serious disaster if someone forgot to shut our baby gate. 4 ft drop=recipe for disaster with a baby.
Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot have a half done project. We could have had a half wall built and called it a day, but of course we couldn't just build a wall...why not fix up the entire area while we're at it?
Please excuse the messy guest room in the background
The space is perfect for a mud room because it is our walkway from the garage and is our catch all when we walk in with our hands full. They had a large cabinet with a counter top in there that was really a great piece but not useful for what we needed in the mudroom. I scoured Pinterest and Houzz for days trying to figure out what the perfect plan was for our mud room. If you follow me on Instagram (emilytumis) you have already seen some of these pictures.

We solved the baby could fall off the edge issue and the mom wants to fix up the room issue.
No more risk!
I installed child height hooks so Charlotte can reach her things.
Charlotte has enjoyed the new room and going up and down the stairs. Over and over. She's excited that she won't risk breaking her neck too.
 Isn't it amazing what a little paint and $30 bead board will do?