Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Miss Charlotte turned a year old this past weekend. We had a big birthday bash on Saturday that I will blog about later. So much happened this past month! The holidays are always a whirlwind and adding C's birthday in the middle has made it even more fun.  
Charlotte had her first trip to Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving. She was a trooper through the 12 hour drive and enjoyed watching Yo Gabba Gabba and Toy Story...the entire drive. I bet you can guess what songs were stuck in our heads the following week!  

 We had a great time in Colorado and Charlotte loved it there. We have so much to be thankful for and family is definitely one of them!
First Turkey Trot!
Charlotte "talks" all the time. She has so much to say and I wish that I could understand her. She still says "mama" and "dada" mostly but I can tell that she understands so much of what I say. Her favorite thing to do is drop things on the floor. She understands when I tell her no but thinks that if she is looking me in the eye I can't see what she's doing. It's so hard not to laugh. Poor Bella (or maybe lucky Bella?) is going to get so fat from all the food Charlotte drops. It's like an all you can eat buffet for her at meal time.

We also took Charlotte to go see Santa this month. I fully expected her to be terrified (does it make me a bad mom that I was looking forward to it?) but $28 later she was fine!
Then the next week at school Santa came to visit and we got a FREE picture. This one made my day. I hope Charlotte will appreciate this when she is older. 
This week we take Charlotte to the doctor for her 12 months visit. I know she is a lot taller than her 9 month appointment. Most of her 24 month pants are too short now. Do they make baby pants in tall? 

Just look how much she has changed over the past 12 months.
The past year has been so amazing and wonderful and better than I ever could have imagined. I never knew how much I could love this child. I love her open mouth smile and her giggles that we have to work so hard for. I appreciate how she is a great sleeper and how much she loves her routine. I love that just coming around the corner fast makes her giggle and squeal. The simplest things make Charlotte so happy. She is most definitely a Daddy's girl and she has Dan wrapped around her finger. I wish that we could hit a pause button because time is going by way too fast. I have truly loved every second of this past year. Happy, happy birthday baby girl!

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