Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glass Half Full

Tomorrow is an event that I have been looking forward to for over 4 months. Remember how I made it official that I was signed up for the White Rock half marathon? I put it on here so that it would be set in stone and out for all to see so that I would be held accountable. Well, it worked and I have been so motivated to run the half. 13.1 miles. Four months ago I couldn't even run 10 minutes, or even 5 to be honest. I found an awesome running group that made a HUGE difference in my training.  I have grown to actually enjoy running and I look forward to my long runs and adding miles each week. I have always worked out but running has by far been my favorite. 

These past 4 months I have been so paranoid about getting injured or sick and have taken every precaution to prevent that from happening. Last Saturday I completed my 12 mile run and felt awesome. Next would come shorter mileage to taper down for the actual half marathon the following Sunday. Well, life gave me a huge slap in the face Sunday and hit me with the flu. So bad that I passed out at the doctor's office which sent me to the hospital. Don't worry, I'm fine. Just the flu. We even got the flu shot in September!  After the doctor telling me that people die from running races with the flu, I knew that the race was out of the question for the next weekend. Totally out of my control. I was upset at first but I have moved passed it. There will be more races and more goals to meet. So why is the glass half full?
  • I have found a new love of running
  • I have met AWESOME women that I look forward to running with
  • I know that I can run 13.1 miles because I ran 12! What's 1 more mile?
  • I set a goal and even though it didn't turn out as I planned, I 95% met it.
  • I'm 70 pounds lighter that I was a year ago today. Not all of that is due to running but it definitely helped me drop to where I wanted to be. 
  • Also, I've enjoyed eating pasta the night before a long run. Something I try to avoid normally.
This training has been a family effort. Dan has enjoyed Daddy/Daughter times on Saturday mornings when I'm out running. He has fully supported me through this and has been my #1 cheerleader. He was so excited to take Charlotte to the finish line to see me cross. He has listened to me talk about my excitement for the event and my new found love for running and has been so encouraging. Hopefully he will still be as excited when I cross the finish line in February when the next half marathon takes place. Well, the half marathon that I plan on running, but who knows what will happen. 

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