Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Torture

 Adrienne and I had a great idea...why don't we meet at the pumpkin patch with our husbands and babies so we can take pictures of our families.  We dressed the kids in cute outfits, picked a time that was good with our work schedules, and picked a time that we thought the kids wouldn't be tired or hungry.  The weather wasn't too hot or cold, the sky was blue, sounds like a perfect day for a good family picture, right?
"Oh, hey I guess this is fun."   
We all get to the pumpkin patch excited to get the kids in a wagon together. They just stared at us.  No reaction.
We sit Charlotte in the "My First Pumpkin Patch" bucket thing and she just stared at us.
Then she cracked a little smile.
"I know this will be in a photo album some day so I guess I will smile."
We then went to a little area with bails of hay and pumpkins where we thought we could get some good pictures.  The kiddos were not amused.  They weren't unhappy, but they didn't feel like taking pictures.
"Takes Daddy to make me smile sometimes."

 Well, we didn't get a great family picture, but we did get a good picture of Charlotte and I together.  I'm normally the one behind the camera so it is rare to get a picture of the two of us that isn't from my phone. 
It was a fun afternoon hanging out with the Lowrance's but hopefully the kiddos will actually enjoy the pumpkin patch next year. 

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