Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How are me and the CEO of Yahoo similar?

Well, it's definitely not the $300 million net worth (I wish!) but we were both hired while pregnant.  I've been reading articles about Marissa Mayer and her new role at Yahoo.  She is 37 and is now the CEO of Yahoo (previously Google) and is 6 months pregnant.  I am blown away at all the articles about her new role and mostly her pregnancy.  If a man was hired would he have to reveal that his wife was pregnant?  Apparently Marissa is taking a "working" pregnancy leave for a few weeks. I think it's a shame that she feels that she can't take a normal amount of time off to bond with her baby, but hey, to each their own.

As I wrote about before, I was pregnant while interviewing.  When I was hired I was 6 months pregnant. When interviewing, I really thought that they knew.  I was large and in charge and didn't really hide my pregnancy.  Ok, maybe I did purchase some maternity spanx.  (Note: Do NOT put these on in front of your husband. He will want to help because you are struggling to put them on and then you start sweating because you are very pregnant and don't understand how to fit your body into the tightest thing you have ever been in your entire life.) Anyway, I didn't say during my interview "hey, I'm pregnant, but I promise I'll work really really hard and do a great job." I just thought they could tell.  Well, after I was offered the job I disclosed my pregnancy and found out that they did not know...they had no idea I was pregnant, let alone six months pregnant.  It was so awkward.  My boss at the time was furious that I didn't tell her I was pregnant.  She said I would have been able to "sell my way through it".  Yeah right.  When I started my job there I acted like I wasn't bursting with baby and could hardly walk without being in pain. She said I was the nicest pregnant person ever and that I never complained. Why in the world would I complain to my boss?  I hated that I had to refer to my pregnancy/Charlotte as a "condition" or "my circumstance".  Looking back, I'm not sure if I would do that again...not disclose my pregnancy. I knew I wanted the job, and I knew that I would compromise it if I told them I was pregnant.  They thought I wouldn't come back after having Charlotte but clearly, I'm back.  It's tough being a woman in the workplace and trying to "do it all". Is there even such thing as doing it all?  Well, I'll keep trying.  Anyway, here's a picture of my "situation" that is now over 7 months old. 


  1. What an adorable "situation!"

    I never understood why maternity leave was called a "disability!" And, yet, we have one of the shortest ones in the world.

    1. I know! It's so dumb! Definitely not a disability!