Sunday, July 15, 2012

7 Months!

Today Charlotte is 7 months old!  Every month as I am writing this I think that the previous month has been the best so far.  How can it keep getting better and better?  This past month we have had tons of visitors and took a little family vacay down to the Hill Country.  Anyway, here is our little cutie at 7 months. 
Charlotte is the smiley, giggle queen ALL day...until the camera comes out.  You should have seen Dan trying to get her to smile while we took this picture.  I guess she wasn't in the mood to show her huge, open mouth smile today. 

At Charlotte's 6 months check up she was right under 18 pounds and I think she's probably around 19-20 pounds now.  Heavy enough to make my back hurt carrying her around in her car seat!  We started solids around 5 months and have made it through most fruits and vegetables.  I've been making her food mainly because I really like to cook and it is so easy!  So far she loves sweet potatoes, spinach, avocado, peaches and bananas.  Peas have made her break out into a rash but went away after a bath.  I really want Charlotte to not be a picky eater so I want to introduce her to everything! 

This past month Charlotte has really gotten into giggling and yelling.  She has discovered that she can make her voice go in different pitches and likes to test it out often.  She laughs really hard at the ceiling fan.  Who knew a fan could be so entertaining. 

Charlotte had lots of visitors this past month.  My brother came in for a week and stayed with us which I loved.  We had so much fun when he was here.  My Dad came to visit and my mom's side of the family was in town for a while also.  It was like a big family reunion!
Kade was great at helping Charlotte nap
She smiled big for the camera this day!
The ultimate stare down between Charlotte and Taylor
Since the summer hasn't been too crazy hot we have been able to spend some time outside.  We have this pool that we buy every summer for $20.  Make fun of us all you want but it is awesome.  It's huge and I could float in it.  Charlotte loves it.  When Kade was in town Rebecca brought her kiddos over to play and swim.  It was such a fun week being with both sides of the family.  I'm need to get better about taking pictures of everyone and not just Charlotte! 
Somehow Dan was talked into getting into the pool to hold the girls while we took pictures...he's such a good sport!
Rebecca and Taylor (4 months)
Family pic at our pool
Trying to get a pictures of all the kids.  Impossible.
Chase! (almost 4)
My Dad, Kade and I on my Dad's birthday
My mom and Charlotte
Charlotte was sitting on the floor playing with Taylor's feet. So cute.
Kade, the baby whisperer, holding Taylor.
Charlotte loves to sit in my lap while I put on makeup.  She just sits there and watches
Uncle Kade and Charlotte.  He's a great uncle!
Happy 4th of July!
   At Charlotte's school for her 4th of July Parade.  She fell asleep in the middle of it!   
 This month has been really busy but it has been great to see so many people.  Next month Charlotte will get to stay with my mom for a week so Dan and I can go to Italy.  I'm sure she will be spoiled rotten when we get back!

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  1. She is SO precious!! What a sweet, happy little girl!!