Saturday, June 16, 2012

6 Months!

Our little lady is 6 months old!  This month has brought on the most changes in Charlotte and has been so fun.  She has her two bottom teeth and she can sit up on her own!  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to sit her on the floor with toys and she actually plays!  I don't feel like she is just laying there all the time now. She has done really well with teething and doesn't seem bothered by her two little teeth.  The only time she has gotten upset was when she bit down on her hand really hard.  Those teeth are sharp! 
We go to the doctor Tuesday and I'm anxious to hear how much she has grown in the past two months.  She seems HUGE to me and my arm now gets sore from carrying her around.  She seems bigger than the other babies in her class but no one seems to be surprised.  I mean, look at how huge Dan was when he was born.
We have had several play dates this month too.  Adrienne and I have been getting Owen and Charlotte together to play.  It is nice that they can kind of play together now instead of just lay there and look at each other.  It was really funny because they would play on their own and then look up and realize that there was someone else there and they would reach out and touch each other.  Pretty cute.  
 We also had Sawyer and Tara over to play when they were in town this weekend.  Sawyer is 15 days older than Charlotte.  She seemed so much older!  She was scooting all over the place.  It was really fun to have our little girls play together.  I call Tara all the time with questions because she and I are normally going through the same thing with our girls because they are so close in age.
This was Tara and I both 8 months pregnant.  
Tara and I with Sawyer and Charlotte.  I promise they were smiling all afternoon!
 This month we also had our first house visitors.  Dan's parents came to visit from Colorado and spent a week with us.  They couldn't believe how much Charlotte had grown and changed.  Charlotte played hooky from school while they were here and enjoyed the one on one attention she got all week.  She was exhausted when Grandma and Grandpa left!  I used to love it when my grandparents came to visit and I know that Charlotte is always going to love having her special visitors come into town.
Happy 6 months baby girl!  You are going to be a year old before we know it!  We cherish every single day with you and you are truly the joy of our lives! 

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