Sunday, February 19, 2012

Perfect timing or are we crazy?

Apparently Dan and I like to make big life changes all at the same time! At the end of March we are moving! Who cares if we just had a baby and spent months decorating her nursery? Who cares that we just re-did our bathrooms and just put in new carpet? We spent forever researching pediatricians and daycares and found the perfect places for our daughter near our home because we knew that we wouldn't move for at least another year. Life is so funny.
Our first home.

To sum up a long story, we are buying our dream home from our friends that are moving out of the state. Dan and I have loved their home from the moment we stepped into it six years ago. They probably felt really awkward when we would come over because we made such a big deal about how much we loved their home. Every house we have ever looked at we would compare to their home. They called us about a month ago and shared that they were moving and wanted to know if we were really serious about buying their home. Dan and I decided that if we didn't buy it now we would kick ourselves later.

So here we are with our two month old baby and we are moving! It's about 40 miles from our current house but not any further from Dan's office. We won't have to pay tolls anymore which we are SO happy about! With us both being in sales we drive a lot and living off of three toll roads we rake in the tolls everyday. Last year we spent $2500 just on tolls. We are so sad to see our friends move but we are really excited for our move into their home. And the bonus...we sold our current house in two days. Was this meant to be or what? We have six weeks to pack up our lives and move into our dream house on two acres in a town of not quite 3500 people. Our new house has a beautiful gazebo and even an enclosed sun room. This is a house we can grow into and it has TONS of storage. We can't wait!

Charlotte is really excited too.


  1. So happy for you all! It looks beautiful. Think of you often. Madeline will be a Freshman at A&M in the Fall. She remembers the fun times you all had and thinks of you, too! Love, Nancy Street

  2. what city are you moving to? CONGRATS!

  3. We have made some wonderful memories in that house as I know you will too. So glad you are getting your dream he and that is is working out for all. Can I come hang out on you deck in a warm spring day like I have done for the past 6 years? It won't be the same without Lisa and family in it, but is pretty darn cool that you guys are buying it :-)