Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whoa, slow down.

I am normally a person that is on the go constantly. I can't sit still for long (unless it's during an episode of Real Housewives) and I'm constantly doing things. Having a baby has forced me to slow down big time. There are times when I'm trying to get a million things done and Charlotte is fussy and I sit to feed her. As she eats she just stares up at me and it's as if the world has stopped. At that moment I forget what I was working on that was interrupted and just enjoy the 20 minutes or so that I have to sit with her. The laundry can wait, the dishwasher can wait, and the phone calls can wait. What isn't going to stop is my little girl getting bigger and growing up. Sometimes I just need to put the brakes on and enjoy these little moments with Charlotte.

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