Sunday, January 15, 2012

Newborn Essentials...from my point of view

There are some things that I have learned I can't live without over the past month. When we were preparing for Charlotte we were given and purchased all these things and we didn't know what we would actually use.

My Diaper Bag. I was on the look out for the perfect diaper bag during my pregnancy. On our Baby Moon I bought one at Rosie Pope. Best. Bag. Ever. It holds everything I need and doesn't look like a diaper bag.

My iPhone. We use our phone for everything whether it's setting a timer or googling something. We couldn't live without our phones right now.
The Breast Friend. If you are going to nurse, this is the pillow to use. It's awesome.
The Swaddleme blanket. It looks like a baby straight jacket and you might feel sorry for the baby inside, but I can't help think that this is why Charlotte is sleeping so well. She goes to sleep as soon as we wrap her up at night. We only put her in it at night, but she loves it and we love sleep. Her legs are so long that we might have to figure out something else soon, but right now this works for us.
The Nosefrida. Don't knock this until you try it. I made fun of it when I read about it and then I had a baby with a stuffy nose and used it. AMAZING. Everyone with a baby needs it. It's not gross, it has a filter and it works.
Aiden and Anais blankets. These are breathable blankets that are great for swaddling and everything else. They are huge and so soft. We love these.

My husband. He's been so amazing with our little girl. She falls asleep every time he holds her and in his arms is her favorite place. We are a team and he changes just as many diapers as I do and we get up together every night. I couldn't do this without him.

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