Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Blogger!!

My has this year flown by!! My last post was about the Fall and now it is half way through July!!
I LOVE summer and we are trying to get as much in as we can this year. Growing up I always looked forward to summer and now I still do. It's not like I get a break from work or anything...I do think it would be nice to be a kid again sometimes!

This year has been full of trips. Dan and I love to travel and we try and do as much traveling as we can fit in. In April we went to Seattle with our friends Adrienne and Glenn. We normally travel with just the two of us, but it was so fun to have another couple with us! They love to eat and drink (in moderation of course) just as much as we do so it worked out well and we all had a blast. Seattle has great weather despite what Grey's Anatomy shows. It was sunny and cool the entire time! The food is amazing and we tried to eat as much as we could. I think we had appetizers for breakfast, then breakfast, then dessert after breakfast, mid morning snack, appetizer to lunch, get the drift. Again, the food in Seattle is AMAZING!! Dan and I worked out really hard when we got home...the food was worth it!

For the 4th we went to Cabo with our friends, Jamie and Dana. We had never been to Cabo before but I was very impressed! It was nice to get away and do nothing but lay by the pool and relax!

In a couple of weeks we head out for a Baltic cruise. I'm super excited about this trip and we bought a fancy camera that we are going to try to figure out how to use.

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  1. I didn't realize you had a blog! I'm so glad! Your pictures are all so cute and I love seeing all of your amazing adventures! It looks like you guys are having WAY too much fun ;) I'm so happy for you! Oh ya- my kids were cracking up at the pictures of your dogs! Too funny! Take care and have fun on your cruise! We'll have to get together when you get back!