Monday, October 26, 2009

Puppy Photo Shoot

Yesterday I decided that I needed to take some pictures of our adorable dogs, Dylan and Bella, for our Christmas cards. We have two and they are the greatest dogs on the planet! We love them to pieces and they always entertain us. I thought it would be cute to put bows around their neck. We recently got new couches and we don't let the pups on them, but I allowed it for the pictures. They sat there an didn't move...the pictures almost look like mug shots. They were so funny because they didn't do anything!

So they sat there for atleast 10 minutes just letting me take pictures. So then I decided to pull out some costumes. I DID NOT make these costumes, they were given to me years ago. We sometimes put them on the dogs for a good laugh. We think it's hilarious...they don't....

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