Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My name is Emily and I'm an addict...

This is what I'm going to have to say at a Sudokuaholics meeting if I can't quit playing this game. My friend Matt taught me this game a couple of years ago on our way to Chicago and I fell in love with it. I carried a Sudoku book and pencil in my bag at all times. I would go for a long time playing this game when I had any free time, then get tired of it and put it down for a while. About 2 weeks ago I discovered a Sudoku App for my phone and I am drawn in again. I can't stop playing. I want to, but I keep wanting to try and beat my fastest win time!

This morning after Dan and I got home from the gym at approximately 6:30 I sat at my computer to answer some emails and my computer started running slow so I started playing Sudoku. My fastest time was 4:41 and I HAD to beat my time before I could start my day. Dan kept walking in saying, "are you seriously still playing sudoku," 30 minutes later, I had beat my time winning a game at 3 minutes and 30 seconds!! I was so excited I threw my arms in the air! I still had on my heart rate monitor from my workout and I saw that my heart rate was at 135...from playing a game. That is when I realized I might have a problem. I love it though!

I have moved to the next level hoping that I will get frustrated and quit. They say that doing games like this is good for your brain right???

That's all for now. Only two full days left until the weekend!

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