Thursday, December 4, 2014

One month in!

I cannot believe we have had Ryan for one month.  Doesn't every new parent say that?  It feels like Ryan has always been in our family. He just kind of slid into our household like he's been here forever.
 The transition from one kid to two has been pretty easy so far. I am actually really surprised! Or maybe it's easy when you have Super Baby Ryan who eat and sleeps awesome. From day one he has woken up once during the night. I guess that's the beauty of delivering a baby the size of a turkey (really, our turkey on Thanksgiving was 11 lbs 13 oz this year). Charlotte was a good sleeper and it looks like Ryan is far. Hopefully I didn't just jinx us. 
 At his one month checkup he was 13 pounds and 23 inches long.  He's the same length but has put on over a pound. Yay! I've got to start switching arms holding him or else my left arm will be bigger than my right.
One month checkup!
I love tiny baby feet
Ryan is just your typical newborn right now. He really only cares about eating and sleeping and cries when he's hungry or needs a diaper change. I'm looking forward to more baby coos and getting a smile out of him. I'm trying to cherish these newborn moments because now I know how fast time goes. Before we know it he will be running around like his sister.
Dan and his twin...see pic below
Twins!!  They look so much alike it's creepy!!
This past month we made a road trip to Dallas for my mom's birthday. I drove the kids and Dan flew to meet us there after he got off work. We survived the car ride and it wasn't bad at all! It was nice to get out of the house for a few days.
Road Trip!
Charlotte with Daddy's "asses"
 We have had a lot of visitors this month! My mom was here the first week and it was amazing. She took over taking care of Charlotte while Dan and I took Ryan. I might have cried when she left.

My dad came in one weekend to meet Ryan and he was just smitten with him. 
Dan's parents have been here the past two weeks and have been a huge help! We are blessed with great parents!
 This past month has been a whirlwind and I know that time will just keep flying by. Hopefully I can keep up with this blog again!
My world.

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