Thursday, November 15, 2012

11 Months!

Sweet Miss C is 11 months old today. I cannot even believe it. Next month we will have a ONE year old!  Not only will Charlotte be a year old, Dan and I have kept a tiny human alive and healthy for a whole year!  Anyway, back to 11 months. 
This month has flown by and I feel like we have a little lady on our hands and not a baby.  She is more independent and vocal with what she wants, and is absorbing things like a sponge. She is repeating things that we have taught her and she is curious about everything around her. Charlotte can crawl super fast and pulls up on everything. She loves for us to "chase" her and she loves to chase Bella. Poor Bella, she still is not sure what think of Charlotte. 
We end up calling Charlotte Smirky a lot because she will look at you and just make a face instead of a smile. It's pretty cute and hard to catch on camera. When she smiles her eyes glow and she smiles with her entire body. Trying to catch it on camera is really hard. I guess she is camera shy.

For Halloween Charlotte was Minnie Mouse.  We practiced for a month wearing the ears and she tolerated them long enough for pictures but that's about it. Owen was dressed as Mickey and Adrienne and I could not get the kids to 1)keep their ears on at the same time and 2)sit next to each other and smile. Another fail. Oh well, there is always next year! 

Charlotte also tried another hand at finger painting. I decided this would be fun for us to do one afternoon when it was just the two of us. I set everything up in our sun room and let her start "painting". She immediately threw herself on top of the canvas, smeared everything around, rolled over and belly flopped on the floor and started crawling into the kitchen. This all took less than 2 minutes. Finger painting done and paint tracked across the floor. It was washable thank goodness! Just trying to make fun memories!

I was dreading daylight savings time because I heard that babies don't do well with the change. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Charlotte did. She was awake early Sunday morning but back to her regular schedule after that. 
Charlotte has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. She eats anything we give her and loves fruit and veggies. I am looking forward to no more bottles very soon! This past 11 months has FLOWN by and we are loving every single second with our little girl.

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